• What i say: I have anxiety
  • What most people think i said: I am awkward but cute awkward and shy.
  • What people assume: I am imagining illnesses to justify my lifestyle and personality.
  • What i actually mean: I live in a constant fear. I worry about the past, current or future situations, i have stomach and head pains all the time, tachycardia and awful panic attacks that include heart palpitations, and breathing problems. I suffer everyday and not only in "stressful situations". I think so much before i do something and eventually i don't do it at all, so people think i am lazy. I suffer from insomnia. I sweat to the idea of having to interact with people. I don't use the word anxiety to justify anything or to make myself look cool. It's a mental disorder, i have to live with it and find ways to control the symptoms. It is not a trend. Many people around the world actually suffer from this disorder. Accept those who have it and help them, don't judge them, don't joke about it. NEVER.


All i want from life is to be able to lie in bed, in cute underwear, cuddle my stuffies, drink from a sippy cup or baby bottle, suck on a pacifier, be on tumblr 24/7 & be sociably accepted.

Because we hear boys call their girlfriends “baby” and girlfriends call their boyfriends “sweety” when they grew up with their parents calling them these names too. No one thought that was wrong.

Because when she was crying and sad for no reason he said “I love you baby” and put a blanket around her and made her a cup of tea. No one thought that was wrong.

Because she liked when he took control and he ordered her food for her, opened the door for her, made sure she ate, and bought her a stuffed animal on Valentines Day and even other days of the years just because he loved her. No one thought that was wrong.

Because she liked to please him and she liked when he teased her and tied her up and was rough with her. And when he came on her. and how afterward he would caress her gently telling her how good his baby was. No one thought that was wrong.

And because men’s fantasy get to include women in school uniforms, or women in pig tails, or women with who’d crawl in front of them, all within the privacy of their bedrooms and confinement of their relationship, all while fathering children including little girls on a normal day to day basis. No one thought that was wrong.

When she was stressed out from work or school or family or bills he told her not to worry about a thing and to let him take care of things while she watched her favorite movies. No one thought that was wrong. So he treated her like a princess and called her “baby” and “babygirl” and looked out for her like a little girl why would it be wrong if she saw him as her caretaker. Why would it be wrong if she called him Daddy?

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This is extrememly well written.

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